Keto. You either love it or you hate it.

Well you probably wouldn’t be here if you hate it. We suspect you’re curious like we were.

True ketogenic diets are not eating bacon wrapped around cheese.

It is a higher fat diet with moderate protein and low carb. It also relies upon regular fasting to maintain a state of ketosis.

The ketogenic diet was designed well over 100 years ago as a cure for people with epilepsy. And it still helps the to this day. It can also help you too.

As with any diet, work closely with your doctor to monitor your vitals (blood pressure, lipid panels, etc.). And also look into movement as a means of keeping your blood flowing and helping your body.

So how did we find this diet?

Some people consider it a lifestyle rather than a short term solution. Others go on it for a short period of time to heal diseases like insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. That’s how we found it since we were gaining weight and our blood glucose levels were inching up. It didn’t seem to matter what we ate or how much we exercised. We’d cry on each other’s shoulders.

How should you try keto?

Some people believe in diving in quickly. Others like to slowly inch in.

You know yourself best.

But we will say that drastic changes often don’t last long term.

And keep popping back to see other ways you can incorporate a ketogenic lifestyle!