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How Can I Make Keto a Lifestyle?

The best way to make Keto a lifestyle is by not thinking of it as a diet. When were on diets we tend to have an all or nothing mindset.

But when you have a lifestyle, you’ve made a commitment. It’s a more fluid mindset. You don’t look at things that you’re not allowed to have, but instead focus on all the things you enjoy knowing it’s helping your body.

Make It A Habit

And eventually it will become a habit. As you probably know changing habits is not very easy. It’s definitely not something that you take on lightly. So it’s no surprise that many people were on a diet quit and go back to their old patterns of eating.

So to make Keto your lifestyle, you have to have the right mindset and you have to give it enough time to make it a habit.

One thing that will help is to keep a journal about how you feel every day. You may notice that you have more energy, and that you no longer crave sweets. You may actually start to look forward to your new menus.

Start Slowly and Transition Into A Keto Diet

Another method is to do slow introduction. You can gradually use sugar in your simple carbs and start adding in new high fat medium protein foods. You can start with breakfast.

The Keto diet often uses intermittent fasting.

You could even start with that, and break your fast around 10 or 11 AM with some egg bites that you’ve made using your favorite vegetables. And don’t forget the cheese!

Then you can start transitioning lunch into a Keto diet. You won’t see the same results as if you were going on the full Keto diet. But it could be easier for you to adopt and turn into a lifestyle.

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