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How Does Keto Work?

Our bodies get energy from two places: sugar in your bloodstream and ketones. Ketones are formed in your liver from fat. Sugar is created most easily from simple carbs (hello, chocolate bar).

And sugar is created from complex carbs and protein.

Fat only produces the ketones. When you are properly applying the Keto diet, you are in a state of “ketosis” or your body is burning fat. The fat comes from your diet and from your body.

What macros should I have?

Macros are the components of your food. The three major macros are protein, fat, and carb. You may have also seen “net carb” which is the carb grams minus the fiber grams.

A standard keto diet has over 70% fat, under 10% carbs and the rest are protein grams.

You have to look at the macros of each meal rather than your macros at the end of the day if you want to keep your body in a state of ketosis.

Don’t I need more protein?

Not as much as you think. The key is limiting so your body doesn’t convert protein to sugar in your liver. That’s called glucogenesis.

You want your protein to be balanced with fat. Eggs are great way to get healthy nutrients and feel full for longer. That’s our biggest battle at first is feeling hungry.

When you feel satisfied, you won’t be as likely to grab for crackers, chips, or other carb heavy food.

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