If you’re here, you’re probably a veteran of many diets. I can’t say I blame you because millions of Americans try one diet after another after another ending up heavier than when they started.

You’re in luck though. It turns out, according to fairly recent research, that the fat macro has gotten a bad rap. (The other macros are carbs and protein)

The real culprit for America’s exploding waistline is sugar.

Eating lots of fruits, starchy food, and starchy vegetables is what’s actually making you sick because it leads to inflammation. It increases your chances of developing certain types of cancer as well as possible brain disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

By loading up on eggs, avocados, and other high-fat, low-carb foods you can live healthier while losing weight and sustain it long term.

The key is achieving ketosis. Ketosis just means means that your body burns fat (ketones) instead of the sugar that used to be in your bloodstream.

In this website I’m going to teach you the benefits and the basics of the keto diet to maximize your chances of success. Please understand that this website is just a framework. You get to choose how you follow it.