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Best Avocado Oil

Avocados have long been a favorite among enthusiasts for their creamy texture, health benefits, brightly colored flesh, and mild flavor. However, we’re beginning to see a shift in attention toward avocado oil. 

The beauty of avocado oil is that it is neutral in taste, great for high heat, and naturally rich in monounsaturated fats – so, it can be used for all your cooking requirements!

However, just like typical olive oil, the quality of your avocado oil can vary greatly, with some brands tasting and performing incredibly, while others are lacking. 

Unless you know what you’re looking for, choosing the right option for you can be somewhat tricky. 

Luckily for you, we have created a comprehensive guide assessing the best avocado oils for you to purchase – considering factors such as quality, manufacturing, and, of course, taste. 

With this in mind, let’s get straight into the best avocado oils!

1. Nutiva Organic Avocado Oil

Similar to other avocado oil brands, Nutiva is devoted to producing high-quality avocado oil without the use of glyphosate or pesticides. 

This is relayed in the brand’s partnership with organic avocado farmers and stringent guidelines which have earned them the USDA organic certification – ensuring peace of mind that your avocado oil is the purest and cleanest. 

The oil itself is steam-refined making it an ideal choice for baking, cooking, sauteing, roasting, and grilling since it contains a neutral flavor profile. 

On top of this, the avocados are harvested from small, organic farms located in Ethiopia which provide organic farming education to the local community and use regenerative farming practices – so, with each purchase, you’re making a global impact and difference. 


  • Steam-refined – This creates a neutral flavor profile that is ideal for cooking, baking, grilling, sauteing, and roasting. 
  • Fully organic – You don’t have to worry about your oil being impacted by chemicals such as pesticides. 
  • Harvested using regenerative farming – Conscious farming is at the forefront of Nutiva’s ethos, harvesting avocados ethically and sustainably. 


  • Expensive – You’re going to have to pay the price for this higher-quality product. 

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2. Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil

Chosen Foods’ whole brand is harnessed around the idea of the power of avocados, therefore, it’s no surprise that their product is composed of 100% pure avocado oil!

In addition to this, the oil is naturally refined, delicious, non-GMO, never diluted, expeller-pressed, and packed with good fats and nutrients – thanks to its antioxidant and Vitamin E properties. 

Plus, this oil is great for high-heat cooking. When you cook using high temperatures, you’re locking in the flavors, and this oil can certainly take the head with a smoke point of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chosen Foods’ avocados are sourced from Mexico where they don’t experience any harmful sprays or pesticides. Instead, they are simply irrigated with water. 

This manufacturing process provides you with a rich, smooth avocado that is great for baking, cooking, dressings, or even skincare. 


  • Various sizes – Depending on your requirements, these bottles come in a range of sizes for all your cooking needs. 
  • Naturally refined – You don’t have to worry about the use of chemicals impacting the quality of your oil. 
  • Never sprayed – Chosen Foods ensures that its products are never sprayed with chemicals and are of the highest quality possible. 


  • Expeller-pressed rather than cold-pressed – If you prefer cold-pressed avocado oil, then this may not be the product for you. 

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3. Avohass Avocado Oil

What makes Avohass avocado oil unique from other oils available is that it is the only cold-pressed avocado oil on the current market. 

Here, the oil is extracted from the best avocados California has to offer – unbruised, grade-A, and peak-ripe avocados. Plus, they aren’t feigned by any chemicals or heat. 

Hence, you’re provided with smooth, buttery, and rich oil as a result of those vibrantly rich avocados. On top of that, the oil is organic-certified and extra-virgin – ensuring you’re provided with one of the best and high-quality oils you can get your hands on. 

Since the oil isn’t refined, the smoke point is slightly lower than other avocado oils. Specifically, this is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is still a great option for many types of cooking, including stir-frying, roasting, and sauteing. 

Moreover, if you’re looking to excite your taste buds and try something more adventurous, then the brand offers different flavors, such as chili-, lime-, and garlic-flavored avocado oils. 


  • Extra-virgin (unrefined) – This ensures that you’re getting the highest quality avocado oil. 
  • Cold-pressed – While it may have a lower smoke point, the oil is ideal for many types of cooking. 
  • Certified organic – Since this is a certified organic product, you can have peace of mind you’re getting the very best. 


  • Expensive – Not only is it more expensive but it also comes in a smaller bottle. 

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4. Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

While avocado is great for baking and cooking, it is also ideal for drizzling on your salads and vegetables! 

Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is composed in Northland, New Zealand – which is also the warmed part of the country! 

During the process of cold pressing the avocados, Olivado ensures the temperatures do not exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit – this helps keep all the nutrients and flavors in the oil. 

Thanks to its light, smooth taste, this avocado oil can be added to all your favorite salads without impacting the flavor. 

Likewise, it is one of the most versatile oils – allowing you to use it as a base when customizing your dressing, whether you include mustard, lemon, or anything else, you’re guaranteed great results!


  • Cold-pressed – Using cold-pressed methods, makes the product ideal for drizzling all over your favorite vegetables and salads. 
  • Composed in small batches – Using sustainable methods, you are ensured you’re making an impact with each purchase. 
  • Product of New Zealand – Here, the avocados are naturally grown and harvested, using only the best methods. 


  • Small bottle – The bottle is slightly smaller than anticipated. 

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5. Pompeian Avocado Oil Cooking Spray

Since avocado oil contains a naturally high smoke point, you don’t need a lot to roast or cook all your favorite meals. This is where a spray bottle comes in handy. 

Pompeian has manufactured a great avocado oil that is not only high in quality but it is also a cheaper alternative, too – ready to be used whenever you need it! 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon since each bottle contains approximately 500 sprays. 

Just keep in mind that you have to evenly distribute the oil when cooking since the oil isn’t completely non-stick – this will prevent you from having to scrape the pan when the time comes. 


  • Easy to use – Since it is packaged in the form of a spray bottle, the product is extremely easy to use. Simply position the spray over the food and press down, you don’t have to worry about oily hands!
  • High-smoke point – This makes it ideal for all your cooking and baking requirements, ranging from sauteing to roasting – it is the best of both worlds!
  • Cost-effective – Not only do you get more out of the product, but it is also cheaper in the long term. Providing you with just enough oil to achieve all your cooking needs. 


  • Not completely non-stick – When using this product, you have to ensure that your food is completely covered before cooking, this prevents it from sticking to the pan. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck in a very sticky situation!

6. Primal Kitchen Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Similar to Avohass, Primal Kitchen provides shoppers with one of the highest-quality cold-pressed avocado oils. Plus, they’re perfectly ripened in sunny California. 

The end result is a buttery, smooth taste, and while it is richer than refined oil, it remains mild enough for all your cooking requirements. 

That being said, it is best suited for colder dishes, perfectly complimenting salads when used as a dressing or roasted vegetables when used as a finishing oil. Although, it can also be used for medium- to low-heat cooking, too. 

If you prefer your oil to have a more neutral taste, then Primal Kitchen also offers a regular cold-pressed avocado oil, as well as a spray, which are both Paleo, non-GMO, and approved by the official Whole30. 


  • Rich, buttery flavor – As a result of the manufacturing process – using cold-pressed practices – you’re rewarded with a rich, buttery flavor ideal for all types of cooking.
  • Ideal as a finishing oil – While it is mild enough to be used in your cooking, it is also a great choice as a finishing oil on your favorite salads.
  • Extra virgin (unrefined) – You can ensure that you’re getting the very best quality avocado oil available on the market. 


  • Lower smoke point – Since the avocado oil is cold-pressed, it contains a lower smoke point – making it better suited for cold dishes. 
  • Small bottle – The bottle is slightly smaller than you would expect considering the high price point. 

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Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a bottle of avocado oil sounds like an easy enough task, however, once you consider the different factors to look out for, it can become slightly overwhelming. 

To ensure you purchase the best quality avocado oil, we have composed this detailed buyer’s guide to provide you with everything you need to look out for when purchasing your next bottle of avocado oil. 


Similar to other high-fat oils, avocado oil has the tendency to break down and become rotten when unprotected from light. To combat this and increase the shelf life, most high-quality avocado oils are packaged in a dark bottle. 

If this isn’t the case, it is more important here than ever to store your avocado oil in a dark space, away from any exposure to light. 

Extraction Method

The oil extraction method plays an important role in the overall quality and taste of avocado oil. For instance, high-quality oils are typically steam-refined or cold-pressed. 

Another extraction method is expeller pressing which uses mechanical means to produce the avocado oil rather than relying on heat or chemicals. 

Hence, it’s best to try and avoid avocado oils that are exposed to high temperatures or extracted using chemicals during this process. 

The general rule of thumb is that if an avocado oil doesn’t specifically specify that it uses a higher-quality extraction method, then this is a clear indication that heat or chemical extraction took place. 

Moreover, the refining and extraction process can also have an effect on the oil smoke point. For instance, as opposed to less processed extra-virgin oils, refined oils have a much higher smoke point. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to use avocado oil primarily for high-temperature cooking, then you might want to consider purchasing refined avocado oil. 

On the other hand, if you want to use your avocado oil as a finishing oil for salads and vegetables, and prefer a stronger taste, then extra-virgin oil is ideal for you.


Some poor avocado oils can be mixed with other, less expensive – as well as lower-quality– oils. 

Typically, this is distinguishable on labels marked as ‘blends’, however, keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. 

To ensure you’re getting the best product for your money, always read the ingredients list to ensure avocado oil is the only ingredient. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find some frequently asked questions in regard to the best avocado oil. 

What Can Avocado Oil Be Used For?

Just like how you would use any other oil, avocado oil has exactly the same function. 

Unlike coconut oil – which contains a strong coconut taste – avocado oil is more neutral tasting, even when refined! Therefore, you can cook and bake with it as you please. 

Plus, it also contains over 50% monounsaturated fat, which remains stable during storage and cooking. As such, you can even use avocado oil for shallow and deep frying. 

Is Avocado Oil Healthy?

Similar to avocados themselves and all the healthy benefits they provide, avocado oil is also packed with all the same rich nutrients and vitamins. 

Mostly composed of monounsaturated fats, avocado oil has been shown to benefit heart health, helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins – such as D, E, K, and A – more easily, and contribute to healthy vision.

Can Avocado Oil Go Bad?

Avocado oil is low in polyunsaturated fats, which means it won’t go bad as quickly as opposed to other types of oil. 

However, as previously mentioned, if not stored properly, the oil can become rancid. When stored currently, your avocado oil can last around a year when unopened. 

Although once opened, you should aim to use it within four to six months to ensure you’re receiving the freshest flavors. 

How Many Calories Does Avocado Oil Contain?

Depending on how your avocado oil is processed and extracted can slightly impact the number of calories in a specific bottle. 

However, having said that, the average amount of calories per tablespoon is between 120 and 130 calories. 

Can Avocado Oil Be Used As A Substitute?

Since avocado contains similar properties to both vegetable and olive oil – with a high smoke point and neutral taste – it can indeed be used as an alternative when it comes to baking and cooking. 

How To Store Avocado Oil?

Since avocado oil contains high levels of fat, it needs to be stored in a cool, dark location – such as a cabinet or pantry. 

You don’t have to worry about refrigerating your oil, instead, simply ensure that it remains at room temperature and doesn’t get too hot. 

Moreover, if your avocado oil isn’t packaged properly using a dark bottle, then you’ll want to ensure that it is kept away from light since this can greatly affect the quality of your oil and turn it rancid. 

Does Avocado Oil Have A High Smoke Point?

Avocado oil does have a high smoke point! 

This chiefly depends on how the oil is processed, but generally, the smoke point can range between 375 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Just keep in mind that refined oils typically contain a higher smoke point as opposed to unrefined oil, extra virgin, and/ or cold-pressed avocado oils. 

Final Thoughts

Olive oil, vegetable oil, and now avocado oil, there is a huge variety of oils available on the market today. However, the beauty of avocado oil is that you’re receiving all the health benefits associated with avocados but in the form of an oil! 

This is ideal for adding some extra nutrients to all your meals, whether you’re cooking, baking, grilling, sauteing, or even roasting – avocado oil is extremely versatile. Hopefully, this guide has informed you about all the best avocado oils available on the market – so you can start making some healthier choices.