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Cauliflower pizza crust with tomato and spinach.

Simple Swaps for Successful Keto Diets

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods when you go on the keto diet. You just need to get creative.

When making a substitution, try and think about how the substitution could affect the texture of the finished recipe. Look for similar flavors. And look at the fat content.

For example, chicken thighs have a higher fat content than chicken breasts.


You’ve probably seen substituting cauliflower for rice a lot. That’s because it works so well! You can easily buy frozen riced cauliflower and use it in a variety of meals.

Cauliflower makes a great chicken fried rice with extra eggs that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Mashed cauliflower is a great substitute for mashed potatoes. You can also mash broccoli, kohlrabi, turnip, and rutabaga.

Ground Chicken

Have you seen the new frozen pizzas made with chicken crusts? There are many types out there, so you can probably find one in your local supermarket.

You can also create your own easily enough.

Nut Flour

You don’t have to give up comfort foods like pot pies. By using nut flours (like almond and coconut flour), you can have a low carb crust.

You can also buy or bake keto bread. And there is keto friendly pasta for spaghetti night.

Vegetable Noodles

You can use zucchini or other squash to make spiralized noodles which are incredibly tasty with a creamy sauce that’s very keto. You can also look into spaghetti squash.


If you love tuna salad with mayonnaise, you can replace the mayo with avocado for a healthier fat that packed with nutrition.

You can also cook an egg in an avocado half for a very satisfying breakfast.

Avocado halves can also be used to hold your tuna salad, or act as a bun for a hamburger.

Portobello mushrooms are another great substitute for hamburger buns.


Do you love sandwiches?

Cut the cucumber in half, and scoop out the seeds. Then stuff in cream cheese or regular cheese and your favorite fillings for a low carb sandwich.